Movement Photos

Movement Info

1. Asian 2836 Movt.
Most clients take this movement since it’s best value.
It’s a copy from GENUINE SWISS ETA 2836 Movement.
The structure is same as GENUINE SWISS ETA 2836 Movement too. Quality is reliable.
Asian 2836 Movt photos here:

2. Asian 3135/3131/3186 Movt
Modify from Asian 2836 Movement, structure same as Asian 2836 Movement, looking very close to GEN ROLEX CAL.3135/3131/3186 Movemet.
Quality is reliable too.
Asian 3135 Movt photos here:
Asian SA3135 Movt (Super 3135 Movt) here:
Asian 3187 Movt photos here:
Asian 3186 Movt photos here:

3. Swiss ETA 2836 Movt
Quality is the best but price is the highest. The whole movement is made in Swizerland.
NOOB factory and JF factory charges 1000RMB=160USD extra for Swiss ETA movt upgrade (compare to Asian 2836 movt)
Swiss ETA 2836 Movt photos here:
Swiss Sellita SW200 Movt:

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