Something about me

My name is Tony and I am the enthusiast of ROLEX and PAMs( is another website of mine which specialized in selling high quality PAMs). I started selling watches online as my part time job since April 2009. Now approaching my 4th year of selling high quality replica watches online I have witnessed some major changes in the replica watches marketplace over the years (both good and bad!).

Over the last 4 years I build a very small network of resellers in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium ect. All my friends suggested me to build a website to show my watches and upgrade news, and I was planning to do so.

Now I decide to build this website speciallized in ROLEX. Most of my watches come from the NOOB/BP Factory. Since I can get them on little lower price than other dealers in China.

I totally understand how anxious/paranoid people are when buying online, honestly I do, especially high value goods as there are a lot of fraudsters online waiting to con people out of their hard earned money. I buy some luxury goods online myself so fully understand how daunting it can be when dealing with someone for the first time.

So I have been providing the following service to let my clients rest assured:

1. Providing photos of all my shipping invoices in the past month, all tracking number print on that invoices can be checked on EMS / UPS / BPOST website
2. Providing real QC photos without watermark of my recently sold watches
3. Providing security payment link from my 100% positive feedback shop ( 300+ feedback, accept major credit cards incl VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB ) on C2C plaform like EBAY
4. Providing QC photos if you need


Why and how did I came into selling these Rep Rolex watches?

Since I am the enthusiast of ROLEX/PAMs and I can get them from the Noob Factory & BP Factory on little lower price than other sellers.

Also, quality of the ROLEX is better than many other brand Rep. I don’t want my Inbox full with complain letters.

Why making a blog like this??

Simply because i need a private place to show my watches and upgrade news.

Can you meet me in person?

Sorry that I am not able to meet any one in China or in Hong Kong.
Simply I would like to stay anonomyous.
Further more,I am just too busy with my full time and part time jobs.

How to contact me?

The best way to to email me at

Sorry no IP phone call or MSN.

How to make order ?

Pls email me for stock and prices questions. Normally I will reply within 24 hours & provide payment information ( western union / moneygram / credit card payment link ) . After receiving payment, I will prepare the watch within 3 days and send QC photos. Watch will be sent and provide tracking no within 2 days after your confirmation of the QC pics.

How to make payment?

western union/ moneybookers/ moneygram or credit card payment is ok.

No Paypal as my a/c been supensed and cancelled.

Do I make warranty to my watches and parts?

Usually i give limited warrrty 6 months for watches.

or 3 months warrenty for watch parts.

And what is my return or refund policy?

I can make replacement or make refund for any reasons buyers not happy with the watches or parts received within 2 weeks of date of receipt.

If watches sent from me have been lost in the post or custom problems
what to do?

Usually my policy is a 50/50 share of loss.

If a watch has been lost in post or custom,I will send replacement at half price of the watch.

Or I will send refund at half price .

How long does it take for the watch to arrive its destination after a shipment advice been received ?

If I send a watch by Ems shipping,it will take around 4/5 working days to arrive.

Or If I send a watch by standard air reg post,it will take 10 to 14 days to arrive.

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